Child Groups

Children need constant motivation to participate in various activities to build their confidence and develop as empowered citizen of the country. PAHAL regularly conducts various cultural activities, exposure visits and training session to inculcate various values and systems among the children. 164 children are regularly participating in the cultural activities and are active members of the ARYAN group and child group. Bal Mela, Drawing competitions, Sports activities and Cultural events like Saraswat puja and Independence Day celebrations builds a sense of bonding as-well-as also helps in motivating the children to work as groups to address the issues. Nukkad Natak is a powerful medium to propagate various information’s and build awareness among the community. A Nukkad Natak team of 30 children have been constituted and has been given training on performance of Nukkad Natak. The team is regularly performing at the community level to build the awareness among the community members. The Nukad Natak team also teaming up with the students of Delhi university to form a mix group so that issues of the downtrodden and deprived is understood by the larger masses to bring about desirable change.