Pahal at a Glance

As the name suggests, PAHAL MULTIPURPOSE SOCIAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION, is an initiative to help underprivileged and deprived sections of the society for securing a respectable and dignified place in the mainstream society. We, at PAHAL, believe that there is a need to build a sustainable process for the said purpose and therefore, we have focused on building the capacity of related Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

PAHAL has been extending the reach of its poverty eradication efforts through strategic partnerships with other donors, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations who keep working with the poor at the grass roots level. Such partnerships have been built on the pretext that cross fertilization of ideas and approaches is of utmost importance, taking into account the programs and efforts of other donors. 

PAHAL is a National-level organization, working since 2003, after being registered as a SOCIETY under the Society’s Registration Act of 1860. The organization has worked in Delhi, Bihar and Rajasthan since then.PAHAL has been actively engaged in the implementation of child rights, specifically in the field of child protection (including its various components) such as, emphasizing on the rehabilitation of the affected section of child labor population. With the consistent support of CRY, we have been actively working on this issue.

PAHAL has also been contributing towards the protection of the girl child from all related violations of child rights. It has also been working tirelessly towards maintaining the women’s rights along with their empowerment–social, economic, and so well as political. PAHAL has been sustaining this initiative with the cooperation and engagement of the Govt. of India, the Govt. of NCT., and their related Departments.

Keeping in mind the growing pressure of livelihood in modern times, PAHAL has also ventured in the domain of skill development, along with various other capacity-building programmes, such as, training sessions, diploma and certificate courses, etc. so as to ensure an upgraded livelihood to all. In this activity, PAHAL has received financial support via CSR involvement from the Bennett and Coleman Co. Ltd. In addition funding support has also been there by individual donors, volunteers and well-wishers, all looking forward to the PAHAL’s bigger role in coming times towards the upliftment and betterment of people and society on various issues. 

Vision of the Organisation: To establish a society free from all kinds of exploitation where all classes of society have the equal opportunity to a decent and dignified life. 

Mission of the Organisation: To create community based organizations (CBOs) which could support the marginalized and the exploited sections of the society, identify their problems, raise voice to protect their rights, and make an impact on their overall development.

With Children: To achieve complete child development by creating child concern centers, children games, children library, etc. along with organizing education, health, culture and sports related activities at district level.

With Adults: To reach the goal of comprehensive child development, and implementation of Child Right Laws in true spirit; and where the group ensures the participation of adults, teachers, youths, parents, etc. in community meetings.

With Administration: To ensure child participation at all different levels and making the administration sensitive to all these concerns.

With Other Organisations: To establish harmony among different organizations working for the child welfare programs.